[WATCH] Has Hip-Hop Saved Alexander Hamilton’s Face Time on the $10 Bill?

[WATCH] Has Hip-Hop Saved Alexander Hamilton’s Face Time On the $10 Bill?

Press image of Broadway's Hamilton

Image of a $10 billDespite Hamilton’s popularity, many applauded the decision to put a woman on the paper currency.  There is public support, however, for putting a woman on the $20 bill in order to replace Andrew Jackson, particularly considering Jackson’s harsh treatment of Native Americans.

A group called WomenOn20s.org, launched a campaign last march to engage the public in the process of petitioning the Treasury and President Obama.

“We chose the $20 as a target because of Andrew Jackson. He shouldn’t have that place of honor due to his now tarnished legacy. The $20 is circulated much more widely nationally and internationally, and  speaks to who we are and what we value,” says Susan Ades Stone, executive director of WomenOn20s.org.

“600,000 people participated in our 2 stage poll.  In the first stage, 15 candidates; all of them unsung women who had contributed enormously to their society at great sacrifice, were selected. We then narrowed it down to 4 finalists and went back to the public. Harriet Tubman won and closely edged out Eleanor Roosevelt,” Ades Stone adds.

While we wait for the Treasury’s decision on the new faces of currency, it is clear that the willpower of people and the power of hip-hop have caught Treasury Secretary Lew’s attention.