Vegas Trump Rally: Protests End in Scuffle

[WATCH] Heckling Leads to Scuffle at Trump Rally in Vegas

(Image: File)

Donald Trump held a rally in Las Vegas on Monday, the eve of the last GOP debate of 2015, and all hell broke loose as protesters shouted slogans and audience members screamed back threats.

Protesters stepped in to interrupt the Republican presidential candidate several times, shouting slogans advocating for gun control and “Black lives matter!” and they got an angry response from the crowd, according to reports, including screaming, pointing, and then the shoving of one heckler before being removed the group.

Reporters from BuzzFeed and the Washington Post tweeted detailed updates from the rally, and further updates from news outlets say the first protests begin after Trump asked a supporter, Jamiel Shaw, to join him on stage to tell his story of losing his son after an undocumented immigrant gang member shot him. In response to the story, a protester pointed out that the anecdote supported the need for gun control.

As one man was dragged away, Trump supporters in the crowd yelled, “Shoot him!” “Kick his [expletive]!” and “Light the mother[expletive] on fire!”

Someone else reportedly shouted “Sieg heil!” – a Nazi Germany-era salute – as the protester was escorted out.

Watch what happened below: