Watch Sonia Alleyne's Interview with Venus Williams at This Year's Women of Power Summit [Video]
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Watch Sonia Alleyne’s Interview with Venus Williams at This Year’s Women of Power Summit [Video]

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Venus Williams was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women of Power Summit, and she talked about everything from her family, to her career to her relationship with her sister, Serena.

On entrepreneurship, Ms. Williams talked about the challenges that can sometimes present themselves.

“My dad would say, ‘It’s always good to have an idea,’ and I think my first job was delivering phone books. I was so young, like 3 or 4, but I thought it was fun. That was my first entrepreneurial job. Since people know you, you can get your foot in the door, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the job. I’ve been in some meetings, where, V Starr Interiors, our interior design company, we were transitioning from residential to commercial, and we’re taking all these meetings where we had no jobs. So we got a meeting, and we had these color brochures, and the guy looked at them and said, “This isn’t good enough,” and threw them across the table. And we’re thinking, “Can we get those brochures back?

“So, we started at the bottom, and you have to show that you’re worthy, and eventually we did get a job. You face those challenges, and as an athlete, people don’t necessarily think you can do anything else, so to transition, for me, has been important, while I’m still playing, because I have opportunities to get my foot in the door, but I have to prove myself.”

On Jamba Juice, Ms. Williams said: “Franchising was an opportunity that I wasn’t really expecting, but when it came, it was exciting and something I wanted to move on. It’s been wonderful.”

View the interview below: