We Are All Trayvon Martin
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We Are All Trayvon Martin

If this is the experience of such high-profile, powerful black men, one need not wonder how the average African American male is perceived and treated on a daily basis.

Do not let this moment go unanswered. I strongly believe nothing gets accomplished without conflict. We must make it clear that enough is enough. We must make it clear that we no longer tolerate police officers or vigilantes treating us and our children as suspects. We must make it clear that the “Stand Your Ground” laws currently on the books in 24 states represent a declaration of open season on African Americans. We must hold politicians accountable to amend policies that encourage and accommodate racial profiling and police misconduct. We must make it clear that no individual holding a position of authority ever has permission to position any of us as second-class citizens.

If we don’t take immediate and deliberate action now then we will communicate the wrong message to our children and grandchildren regarding the value we place on their lives. We must demonstrate the courage to stand firm in advocating our rights and protecting our families. We must be ever vigilant. Because we are all Trayvon Martin.