The Challenges and Rewards of Being Married Business Partners

We Do

doing things your own way

9 When you have free time, you most like to:
a. spend it with your partner
b. spend it with friends
c. spend it alone involved in your hobbies

10 Do you switch off:
a. regularly
b. sometimes
c. never

11 When you have children, you #imagine them:
a. running a family business
b. toiling in a corporate/traditional career
c. freelancing

12 I think making money is:
a. unbelievably difficult
b. largely a matter of luck
c. easy

13 In business, I would describe myself as:
a. experienced, with the scars to prove it
b. learning
c. unscathed by past mistakes

Mostly As: Give it a go. You love work and your partner and have a sufficiently resilient relationship to work #together. But don’t take that-or each other-for granted.

Mostly Bs: Businesses, like marriages, can be fragile and statistics show that both have high failure rates. Work on both-but not together.
Mostly Cs: Forget it. You love your independence too much to combine business and marriage. Enjoy your #business and your partner and be satisfied that they can support each other without being intertwined.
-Margaret Heffernan.