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Peep How This Wealth Advising App Strives For Equitable Financial Futures

Mical Jeanlys-White intends to revolutionize investing by creating an equitable future for the finance world. In August 2023, Jeanlys-White launched a tech-centered investing and planning service company called WealthMore.

According to Forbes, Jeanlys-White learned valuable lessons from her grandmother, her Haitian-American family’s financial planner. Although her grandmother did not have formal training in financial planning, she used her knowledge to teach Jeanlys-White the importance of saving. That experience inspired Jeanlys-White to take up a career in finance to help people invest and plan for retirement. 

Jeanlys-White used her 20 years of experience in corporate America working for such companies as American Express, Nestle Accenture, and JPMorgan Chase to create WealthMore to end financial inequity.

“I was a managing director at JPMorgan,” Jeanlys-White told Forbes. “I led a $22 billion credit card business, had always been in the consumer credit space, but was realizing that, ‘Hey, we’ve made so much progress in getting people to understand their credit scores.’ But I felt like we were overly focused there…. And I just felt like no one was talking to folks unless they were already wealthy.”

The entrepreneur wants to help people “who are not walking in the door with half a million dollars” to invest.

” This is why WealthMore is not your typical run-of-the-mill investing company,” said Jacob Stewart, a financial planner on the WealthMore team. Jeanlys-White “sees the person first, not their money.”

Jeanlys-White says her company is a tech-enabled, adviser-led investment and planning company without the typical obstacles that prevent some from investing. WealthMore is focused on making investing less complicated and helping people build generational wealth. The use of humanized tech is what she says makes her company unique.

 “We’ve really made a difference using technology, and I like to think of the work we’re doing as tech for social good,” Jeanlys-White said. “We also have sort of redesigned how you think about building a financial plan using our interactive financial planning tool in our mobile app.”

Users across the company get the support of certified financial planners and an AI-powered scoring platform that lets them “know where to take action versus taking a passive approach to wealth-building,” she noted.

“My main focus here is about access and representation,” Jeanlys-White said to Forbes regarding supporting “Black, Latino, [and] first-generation women.”

She added that “having our planners represent the communities we serve, it creates an avenue for people to feel like, ‘Hey, I can be part of this.'”

Her goal is that the conversation about generating wealth becomes an inclusive discussion. 

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