How to Recharge Your Career

What it Takes to Recharge Your Career

Heather Shaw's travels opened a new world of opportunities

Speak the company’s language.
Make sure your résumé and cover letter establish a clear match between your skills and the needs of the organization. “It’s not all about what you’ve done in the past, but what you can do for the organization in the future,” says Haygood. Find out what the gaps are in the organization and speak to how you can help fill them.

Explore beyond your comfort zone.
Finding the right opportunity may require changing industries or locations. Godfrey moved from finance to sports, and from New York to Indianapolis. Shaw changed industries several times and moved to a foreign country.

Remain confident.
Suffering from an unexpected blow to your career can be devastating. As you move forward to your next opportunity, remember to maintain a positive attitude. Haygood recommends writing down all your accomplishments, professional and personal. “You need to be able to articulate them when you talk to people.”