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What’s Your Global Impact?

derived from renewable resources.
Not so hot: Simple is also reductive: the calculator doesn’t care whether or not you take the bus, eschew meat, or are using energy-saving appliances.

The breakdown: Create an avatar that strolls through a virtual neighborhood that gets developed with the results of your answers. This eco-footprint site measures food, shelter, transportation, goods, and services. By far the coolest calculator we tried, this site is sure to appeal to gamer-types and anyone who likes interactivity; a blog and social networking features are in the works.
Cool feature: You can choose to provide either basic or detailed answers for each question for faster or more precise results.
Not so hot: Offers only a few suggestions to encourage users to change their habits.

The breakdown: A different sort of carbon calculator, this site looks at ten different areas of your life where you can decrease your carbon output. With each pledge you make to take action, your carbon output will be reduced–provided you actually follow through with your promises.
Cool feature: Instead of “drive less,” it ask specific questions and suggests realistic, measurable goals, such as “I will carpool X days a week.”
Not so hot: It doesn’t show you just how much carbon you’re churning into the atmosphere already–which is essential to putting your choices into perspective.