Wheels Up Diversifying Private Aviation Through Women-Led Growth Department
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Wheels Up Diversifying Private Aviation Through Women-Led Growth Department

Wheels Up

Wheels Up, the leading brand in private aviation, is sending a message that luxury travel is accessible to everyone.

Through its Power of ONE through the inclusion of ALL’ model, the Wheels Up women-led growth department is expanding the company’s reach via an inclusive outreach strategy targeting women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ communities.

Spearheaded by Chief People Officer Francesca Molinari and Chief Growth Officer Stephanie Chung, Wheels Up aims to make a more varied business model through a diverse team and target audience.

Chung is regarded as a trailblazer who became the first African American president of a major private aviation company when she took on the role of president at JetSuite. Now, serving as the CGO of Wheels Up, Chung is building the company’s loyalty among diverse customer segments.

“Wheels Up is democratizing and diversifying the private aviation space,” said Chung.

Wheels Up

“We are focused on ensuring that our community of members, customers, and employees look like the world that we live in. We are committed to making sure everyone feels welcome with a seat on our aircraft and a voice in our workplace.”

In partnership with Wheels Up, C200, and Porsche, teamed up for a women-in-business-themed event hosted at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.

As the leader in private aviation, Wheels Up has become the first to launch a DEI initiative to democratize the air space and break the stigma that flying private is only a luxury to a select few. Through the Wheels Up App, anyone can search, book, and fly private.

With a women-led growth team, Wheels Up is looking to continue diversifying its team of executives while empowering and celebrating diversity and inclusion. As part of the initiative, Wheels Up has partnered with outside companies, including Women Aviation International, National Gay Pilot Association, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, and the U.S. military.

Through their expanding business model, Wheels Up is also amplifying the voices of women in the workplace and a modern work-life balance for its team that includes supporting employees and their families with childcare, eldercare, legal issues, parental leave for up to four weeks, and more.