White South Carolina Police Officer Fired For Repeatedly Saying the N-Word (Video)

White South Carolina Police Officer Fired For Repeatedly Saying the N-Word (Video)

South Carilina Police Officer Fired
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A white police officer who was recently suspended for uttering a racial epithet several times during an interaction with a Black man in South Carolina was fired on Monday.

Sgt. Chad Walker, a 14-year veteran with the Columbia Police Department, was terminated for his excessive use of the N-word. The Columbia Police Department released a statement after conducting an investigation into the police officer’s actions.

According to an earlier report by the police department, on Saturday, Aug. 29, at 11 PM,  a police sergeant entered an establishment named Bar None and found several violations of the Governor’s Executive Order to stop serving, selling, and drinking alcohol. Sgt. Chad Walker went in to enforce the order and while doing so, in conversations with patrons and employees, a Black man is heard calling him the N-word while he was leaving the establishment. In response, Sgt. Walker used the racial slur several times, arguing that he could use the word.

The department released the body cam video of the incidence.

The CPD’s Board has reviewed the findings presented by the officer’s chain of command, which included a review of the video.

“The Department’s discipline philosophy takes into consideration the degree of harm caused by the violation(s), the employee’s experience, intentional/unintentional errors, and the employee’s past record. Careful consideration is given to all applicable factors in the disciplinary review process and every effort is made to determine consequences that consistently and fairly fit the specific incident.

“As a result of the findings of the Board and consistent with our disciplinary philosophy, Sgt. Walker has been terminated, effective immediately.

Chief W.H. ‘Skip’ Holbrook says, “We will continue to hold each other to the professional, ethical, and moral standards expected by our citizens and place the highest priority on maintaining public trust. As I’ve stated before, when setbacks occur and mistakes are made, we must be willing to acknowledge them, fix them, learn from them, and continue to move forward together.”