White Woman Throws Fit After Getting Caught Stealing From Black-Owned Business

White Woman Throws Fit After Getting Caught Stealing From Black-Owned Business

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A white woman went into a rage after being put on blast for stealing from a local Black-owned business.

Rapper Richard Bougere and his wife Danielle Banks own The Pop Up Shop, a San Francisco-based retail store that sells products created by Bay Area artists, Fox News reports. The store opened at the start of the summer and has already had to deal with shoplifting.

It was last week when employees and shoppers say they saw a woman putting items into her personal bag, including a bathing suit. After being confronted over the theft, a video shows the woman yelling and berating someone inside of the parking lot. She flipped off the person who was filming her.

After getting their products back, The Pop Up Shop decided to share the incident to blast shoplifters and show how they can affect an up-and-coming business.

“It’s just disappointing because these are all up and coming new businesses and they really can’t afford to have items stolen,” Bougere said. “I mean four or five items can change the trajectory of their business. It’s just unfortunate.”

His wife shared her husband’s sentiments and said how stealing one item from the shop can affect all the people involved with the product being on store shelves.

“When you’re taking from somebody, you’re really taking from what they’ve been trying to build,” Banks said. “They’re trying to invest in their kids. Some of the brands are mother and child owned.”

Akeem Diaz is one of the artists who has his personally designed pieces on sale at The Pop Up Shop. Diaz acknowledges how hard times are for some people. But blasted the woman for stealing items that are of no life value to her.

“I get we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and I get that people are going through financial crises you know with the wealth gap continuing to widen,” Diaz said. “But she wasn’t in there stealing necessities. She was trying to steal to get cute.”