Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Denies Owning Gun Found in Car, Claims Being Set Up
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Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Denies Owning Gun Found in Car, Claims Being Set Up

Kerrion Franklin
(Image: Twitter)

Iconic gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s son, Kerrion, has been in the headlines for various problems over the years, but this latest one may be his biggest and most life-changing one.

The reality TV participant is currently in jail after being pulled over in a car that belonged to a woman who is missing and presumed dead. Kerrion is also a cast member on the Zeus Network reality TV show Bad Boys: Los Angeles and is being held without bond. Franklin claims he is being framed for whatever crime they are trying to pin on him.

Franklin was arrested last Sunday, April 10, in Los Angeles.

Larry Reid released a portion of an interview he did with Franklin on his self-titled show, Larry Reid Live, where Kirk’s estranged son proclaims his innocence. He said in the interview that he feels he is being set up and law enforcement is drawing extra charges against him.

“Things have just been happening around me. Feeling like I’m being set up, feeling like people are trying to catch me doing wrong,” he tells Reid. “After I was already booked in jail, they’re trying to put extra gun charges on me. Over the past year, I’ve had multiple vehicles like, I’m a producer, filmmaker, like, I just love entertainment, but it comes with a lot.”

He says the gun that was allegedly discovered in the vehicle isn’t his and the reason he was stopped was due to a broken tail light. Franklin does say that he has owned the car for over a year, claiming he was stopped before and nothing was ever mentioned about a missing person.

“I mean, the car is registered. It got — I’ve been stopped before, nobody never said anything about a murder or anything. Like, this is the first time I’m ever hearing about this. So, I’m just keeping my mind positive.”

Last September, the troubled man accused his mother of abuse on social media. A video filmed on Instagram Live by Kerrion was reposted by The Neighborhood Talk showing him accusing his mother of abuse. He is the eldest son of the famed gospel recording artist.

In March, another scenario that occurred last year revealed a profanity-laced recording between him and his father, Kirk, that was released publicly and went viral.