With This Mini Golf Simulator, The Course Follows You Home

With This Mini Golf Simulator, The Course Follows You Home

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Of all the things to like about the holidays, if you’re a golfer, this time of year is probably the most difficult, as it keeps you away from the links. The weather this time of year for a good portion of the country just isn’t conducive to golfing, as the snow and rain shutters most courses. There are only so many mental reps you can perform in your head before wanting to pick up a golf club and practice what you’ve envisioned mentally.

Just because the golf courses are closed doesn’t mean your golf game has to suffer. The TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator brings the course to you. For a limited time, it’s available for $299 for a savings of 25% from its MSRP ($399).

TruGolf Mini offers a new way to learn and practice the game straight from your TV. Its E6 Connect software is the brainchild that turns this device into a full golf studio.

With it, you can play full courses, hit the practice ranges, play fun games, and so much more. The TruGolf Mini sensor collects all the data from your swing and offers analytics to help you improve. Included with your purchase is a weighted swing trainer that mimics a golf club. The post-swing analyzer captures four critical swing characteristics: face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path. It truly is a beneficial learning tool. Skill challenges and daily exercises are also included as tools.

Practice isn’t the only thing the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator is capable of providing. Play, practice, and perfect your game on one of 97 real-world, 3D courses that are included with this simulator.

While the real-life courses will be closed for quite some time this winter, the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator gives you the ability to turn your living room into your very own. Take advantage of this golf simulator at its limited-time price of $299 and keep your game sharp.

Prices subject to change.