With Tropire, More (Screens) Is Better!

With Tropire, More (Screens) Is Better!


The increase in technology has resulted in people spending even more time sitting and staring at a computer screen. And with employers and schools allowing the employees and students to work or study from home, that number is sure to grow even higher. But while the ability to work comfortably from your home has been welcomed by many, leaving the office behind does come with its faults. For starters, it means saying goodbye to some of the comforts that made work more efficient and effective–like multiple screen workstations for a start.

Those who have utilized multiple computer screens, either for work or for school, know how great it can be to have an extra screen or two at your disposal. If you’ve found yourself longing for additional screen space, look no further than Tropire Tri-Screen. For a limited time, you can purchase it for $399.

Thanks to Tropire’s three screens, you can triple your productivity. The monitors handle multi-tasking with ease, allowing you to increase your work efficiency up to 300%. No longer will you have to struggle with switching back and forth between tabs.

The screens can be installed on laptops — Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, etc., — in fewer than 20 seconds, and Tropire’s built-in stand can be adapted to 13- and 16-inch laptops. Each screen can be individually adjusted to its set display parameters.

An intuitive plug-and-play design doesn’t require the installation of drivers. Multi-use mode means full 235-degree rotation and 180-degree display mode on the same laptop screen.

Tropire’s screens pack full HD (1920×1080) on an LCD IPS Panel with 300 nits. Each screen weighs 2.5 pounds, so you can pack and take them with you on your travels.

Limiting yourself to just one computer screen not only stifles productivity but also is a drain on efficiency. More is better thanks to this limited-time deal on a trio of Tropire’s high-quality screens. Purchase the Tropire Tri-Screen today for just $399.

Prices subject to change.