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Louisiana Woman Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Grandfather In Face

Local police in Louisiana arrested a woman who allegedly assaulted her grandfather after he and his wife confronted her about her personal hygiene.

According to ABC News, 22-year-old Carrington Harris was arrested by Louisiana police after she allegedly stabbed her grandfather in the face. They had been arguing about her hygiene, since she had not been showering on a regular basis. She was charged with one count of domestic battery abuse and one count of domestic battery abuse with a dangerous weapon.

A press release from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office stated that Harris, who lives with her grandparents at the 3900 block of Fountainbleu Road in Keithville, had stabbed her grandfather after he and his wife asked her to shower, according to Sheriff Steve Prator. They were speaking to her about her lack of hygiene and when she started damaging property inside the house and then turned the power off from outside.

According to the press release, when her grandparents tried to restrain Harris, she escaped fand went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She allegedly used the knife to stab her grandfather. Harris then ran away from the house and hid in the woods.

Police officers found her several hours later, hiding behind a nearby home. She was then booked into the Caddo Correctional Center, where she is currently being held. No bond has been set in this case. Meanwhile, Harris’s grandfather was transported to the Willis-Knighton South and the Center for Women’s Health in Shreveport, LA by Caddo Parish Fire District 6. There has been no update on his condition.

Law and Crime reported that jail records revealed that Harris had been arrested in May and charged with one count of domestic abuse battery — no details on who was involved in that incident.

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