Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Shoving Straphanger Into Moving Train

Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Shoving Straphanger Into Moving Train


Anthonia Egegbara is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly shoving a female straphanger into the side of an arriving train at  NYC’s busy Times Square subway station.

The 29-year-old was caught on surveillance pushing the 42-year-old victim from behind just as a No. 3 train pulled into the station on Monday, NY Post reports. Authorities apprehended her the next day at the same subway station where she shoved the victim the day before.

Video seemingly shows Egegbara sitting in a seat shortly after 8 a.m. and seemingly timing the push to happen just as the train was pulling into the station. The victim hit the side of the train, but thankfully didn’t fall onto the tracks, police said.

The victim did not know Egegbara and the attack was unprovoked. The straphanger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to her face and legs after her face hit the side of the train. She was listed in stable condition. Meanwhile, Egegbara had attempted murder charges added to her already lengthy rap sheet dating back 10 years.

“This unprovoked attack was senseless and absurd. The City needs to provide additional mental health services to assist those who may endanger themselves and others,” MTA acting chief communications officer Tim Minton said.

Some wonder if Egegbara being arrested at the same subway station where she initially pushed the female victim could mean that she was prepared to strike again, ABC 7 NY reports.

“It looked malicious,” rider Alejandro DeJesus said. “That’s scary. That could happen to anybody when you least expect it.”

Police say Egegbara has at least seven prior arrests, with the last three arrests also in the subway. The incident also came just hours before a man shot himself in the leg inside the same subway station on Monday afternoon.

Many subway riders are concerned about their safety when riding with the MTA.