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Woman Receives Over 304 Calls From Ex-Boyfriend Before His Arrest 

304 calls is WILD!

A Pennsylvania woman’s ex-boyfriend, Omar Gaines, appeared at his preliminary hearing with Magisterial District Judge Jonathan R. Birbeck on Nov. 8, at 11:15 a.m., after he was arrested in Carlisle one day after police arrived on the scene for a break-in on Oct. 30. 

According to Cumberland Daily Voice, Carlisle police said the arrest occurred “near the victim’s residence.” The officers arrived after a call about a break-in at Gaines’ ex-girlfriend’s home. The incident occurred at the 300 block of North East Street in Carlisle.

A statement from the Carlisle Police Department revealed that the 45-year-old male had entered his ex-girlfriend’s residence. During the investigation, police discovered that Gaines had arrived at the home at 5:07 a.m. According to a press release from the police, Gaines “remained for over (an) hour pacing back and forth near the side windows of the residence.” 

Between the time Gaines showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home, and when the officers arrived on the scene, he called the woman 203 times, according to the outlet. He placed an additional 101 calls while the officers investigated the scene, which police said he managed to do within a two-hour window.

This incident is not the first time Gaines has exhibited this behavior. Six days before the occurrence, police spoke with Gaines about his persistent calls. On Oct. 24, he was reported to have placed 131 calls to his ex-girlfriend. Police said his perpetual calling and behavior resulted in his former girlfriend experiencing “emotional distress.”

According to the outlet, he faces a misdemeanor for stalking, repeatedly communicating to cause fear, and a summary offense for harassment, explained as a course of conduct with no legitimate purpose.