'Women of Color Golf' Founder Explains Importance of Golf for Professional Women

‘Women of Color Golf’ Founder Explains Importance of Golf for Professional Women

(Image: womenofcolorgolf.org)

(Image: womenofcolorgolf.org)

What impact does golfing have on the quality of life of women of color?

The life of a woman is busy. Faced with a myriad of responsibilities that cross business, family, social and personal boundaries, the challenges for her to find “me” time is difficult. Golf can increase the quality of life by renewing your spirit, improving your posture, enhancing your balance control, building confidence and providing numerous health and fitness benefits. Playing golf and walking 18 holes can burn up to 2,000 calories.

In which ways may golfing for women of color differ from the experience of white women golfers?

The culture of golf has historically been dominated by the white male population. Overall, women of all races have been excluded from the sport. Five years ago, the PGA saw the opportunity to focus on the female golfer as women are excelling in their careers and have disposable income. As women of color advance in their professional careers, golf will be a necessary skill to help level the playing field and enable them to reap benefits beyond normal employee contributions.

With your youth targeted organization Girls on the Green Tee you focus on exposing young women to the game of golf. What is the benefit of gathering young girls on the golf course?

The benefit of gathering young girls on the golf course is to expose them to a sport that challenges them in ways that apply to their lives personally and professionally.  The game of golf is a very mental game that challenges you strategically in a way that when different techniques are applied different outcomes affect your success.  The same principles that apply to the game of golf apply to the game of life. The game of golf educates these young girls on how to strategize and apply everyday life principles in addition to being exposed to a culture that is equivalent to the Fortune 500 companies.

What are you looking to contribute to the world of golf?

To reduce the barriers of entry to golf and attract the beginner player, minorities and the millennial generation to grow the game of golf by introducing our Women of Color Golf core principles to: 1) Educate On the Game & Rules; 2) Exposure to various cultures & opportunities; 3) Experience the lifestyle; 4) Economic career opportunities. We consider these our 4 E’s.

Why are events like the BE Golf & Tennis Challenge important for people of color—and women in particular?

The BE Golf & Tennis Challenge opens people’s minds up to a new way of thinking. It provides a comfort within the confines of our culture (for people of color and women) to focus on the “values” of golf–etiquette, networking, practice and camaraderie. It offers both a diverse lens and context for a better understanding as the challenge to bring new people into the world of golf.