‘Women of Color Golf’ Founder Explains Importance of Golf for Professional Women

Last year BlackEnterprise.com had the pleasure of chatting with Clemmie Perry, Founder and Director of Women or Color Golf (WOCG), an organization for women of color looking to gain exposure to and learn the game of golf. Perry shared details on her contribution to the game of golf as well as the importance of African Americans taking advantage of the many opportunities golfing has to offer. BlackEnterprise.com recently was granted the opportunity to reconnect with Perry as she offered updates on the progress WOCG made within the year, details on their continued mission to diversify golfing, and the importance of women claiming a place in the golfing community.

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BlackEnterprise.com: Since last speaking with BE you were nose deep in cultivating Women of Color Golf. What has transpired since then?

Perry: The Women of Color Golf first year has proven to be very rewarding and successful. Year to date accomplishments include clinics where we trained 101 women and girls in the basic fundamentals of golf, we acquired a new strategic partnership with Golf.My Future.My Game. and we also now have AMI Kids, Hillsborough Community College, Rogers Park, Tampa Sports Authority and Wentworth Golf & Country Club as golf clinic partners. We’ve grown our social networks and our MeetUp group is constantly expanding. Not to mention, our general membership signups has reached 200. In addition to all of this, we’re attending more and more events and getting great media coverage.

What has been the most valuable asset you attained as a result of indulging in the game of golf?

A partnership created between Women of Color Golf and Golf. My Future. My Game. to serve as a protagonist to advance the practice of inclusion throughout the industry, and to live the rhetoric of greater diversity in the sport of golf. Our objective to be a driver of opportunities for growing participation in golf, particularly women, the millennial generation, and all people–regardless of how humble their upbringing or the color of their skin sets the foundation as we foster greater diversity in the game.

Why is it important for women of color to hit the course?

Many professional women of color do not regard golf as an essential business tool the way that many of their male counterparts do. We have been conditioned to believe that hard work and long hours at the office is the best way to distinguish ourselves and create a favorable reputation.  However, this method leaves out an extremely important component of our professional development: relationship building and business development.  Because a substantial percentage of golfers are Fortune 500 CEOs and members of executive management, golf provides proximity and access to an elite business population that women of color would otherwise not have access to meet.

How would you propose women gain footing and find balance in the male dominated golf industry?

Gain an understanding and exposure to the game to build a comfort and confidence to compete in the game.

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