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Work is an action word

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So, in 2004, the ambitious manager enrolled in Simmons College’s Strategic Leadership for Women, an executive education course. Dorsey says the five-day program equips professional women with powerful strategies to perform, compete, and win in the workplace.

Dorsey shares her class notes and their practical applications:

Leverage your skills. Women are different from men in how they communicate, relate to, and collaborate with employees. Dorsey focuses on embracing her nurturing side in business to better engage and develop her employees in leadership roles.

Tap your network. Women have the ability to develop better supportive relationships than men do. At work, however, women tend to spend less time nurturing those necessary connections. Since taking the course, Dorsey is now more attuned to the importance of identifying key roles of career support within her network of friends and associates to serve as mentors and enablers of her career goals.
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