Would You Give Up Your Job for a Night With Michelle Obama? This Mayor Did
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Would You Give Up Your Job for a Night With Michelle Obama? This Mayor Did

Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama

It’s understandable to want to see former first lady Michelle Obama in the flesh because she is just that fantastic. But you might not want to go about doing so they way this former Texas mayor and her associate did.

Lyndia Thomas, the mayor of Forest Hills, Texas, and her pro-tem mayor (defined by Chron as “deputy mayor pro tem, assumes mayoral duties in the event of a mayor’s absence due to death, physical incapacity, impeachment or resignation”), Beckie Duncan Hayes quit their posts after accusations of misusing city funds to pay for tickets to see Michelle Obama.

According to The Daily Mail, the duo expensed two $545 tickets to see Mrs. Obama on her Becoming book tour—and were reimbursed with money from the city’s public relations fund.

Rather than being ousted from their positions by that city’s council, the two resigned. Hayes later paid back the money.

The Daily Mail reported: “I will not leave my fate in the hands of other individuals,’ Hayes told WWFA following her resignation. I am a woman of integrity, and the allegations, they have no substance. They are false.”

“We don’t get a salary, but we are entitled to be reimbursed for our expenses,” said Thomas according to the report. “We are not trying to hide anything,” she continued.

ABC News reports that the two women say “they’re being targeted for political reasons, and they both said they will plan to run for city council again. The next election is in May.”

The Forest Hills city website now shows Clara Faulkner as the Deputy Mayor Pro Tem.