The Importance of Writing Your Vision Statement
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The Importance of Writing Your Vision Statement

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Once we are on track for following our dreams, the next step should become easy and feel natural–writing a vision statement. We can then effectively fulfill our purposes and visions for our lives. Vision is the act or power of imagination, a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation. My own personal vision statement includes such items as meditating on scripture and writing every day, encouraging people, sharing ideas, and having a positive influence on my sons and peers. When I live by the components of my personal vision, I feel a sense of wholeness, completion, and joy.

Your personal vision statement should have the same impact on you. In his book The Success Principles, Jack Canfield explained that in order to create balance in our lives, our vision needs to include the following seven areas:

  1. Work and career.
  2. Finance.
  3. Recreation and free time.¨
  4. Health and fitness.
  5. Relationships.
  6. Personal goals.
  7. Contribution to the larger community.

He also noted that a vision statement must express the following:

    •  Your purpose.
    •  Your life’s dream.
    •  Your core values and beliefs.
    •  What you want for yourself.
    •  What you want to contribute to others.
    •  What you want to be.¨

To get started facilitating your vision statement, answer these questions:

    • How would I spend the rest of my life if I did not have to work?
    • If your life ended today, what would be your biggest regret?
    • What accomplishments have your close relatives and friends ¨complimented you on?
    • What are some areas that you feel need improvement?
    • What are the five things that you enjoy doing most?
    • At work, what is the single thing you must do every day to feel accomplished?
    • What are your top three values?
    • Who deserves the most attention in your personal vision statement?
    • Write one important goal for each of these areas: family, work, financial stability, relationships, physical, spiritual, and social.
    • What strengths do you see in yourself?

Now that the above questions are answered, follow the next set of instructions for successful implementation:

  • Write in the present tense.
  • Use illustrative descriptions that portray your reality.
  • Include a variation of interests and timelines.
  • Repeat daily.

This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Sandra Brown.