Paper Mag Popular: Has Kanye West Ruined Kim Kardashian's Brand?
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Paper Mag Hoopla: Has Kanye West Ruined Kim Kardashian’s Brand?

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The Kardashian Brand is in everything. From video games to clothing to television, the family, led by Kris Jenner, permeates pop culture at an exhilarating rate. According to, in the past hour, ‘Kim Kardashian’ has been tweeted about 7,300 times—which is more than what some websites get in that same timeframe. The hype is there and the attention is given en masse, but with Kanye clearly giving his two cents on the direction of where Kim’s portion of the brand should go – is he able to keep her name in the black?

For the past few years, Kanye West has been on a tear, attempting to rewrite the rules in pop culture. Through his rants, his branding deals with Nike (and now Adidas), the Roc Nation superstar is allowing his influence to dictate the trends that shape the greater culture. With Kim Kardashian West, a headline-seizing superstar who boasts 25.3 million followers on Twitter, as his partner-in-life – it seems that the two are eager to even change the definition of what it means to be a mompreneur.

Consider this: If people’s fascination on KimYe stem from their antics – could these moves be done to fuel the machine that pays them? Kim (thanks to the Internet) and her family became a key example of how to become infamous and rich without really doing anything. That blank canvas seemed prime for Kanye to imbue his level of creativity into her in order to make their family unit seem otherworldly from other famous celebrity couples.

If you don’t think that that is not beyond the Chicago MC realm of thought, look no further than the skit which follows “The Blame Game” off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. No matter what you may believe, in the end, it only amounts to a less-than-140-character-tweet in the West household. “They say I didn’t have a talent,” Kim tweeted yesterday. “Try balancing a champagne glass on your [butt].”

There are a few outspoken detractors to the provocative nature of the Paper Magazine shots. Glee star Naya Rivera bristled at the cover, even as the Internet seemed unenthused about it all, and brought up Kim K’s motherhood status. “I normally don’t. But … you’re someone’s mother,” Rivera wrote on Kardashian’s Instagram page.

All in all, Paper Magazine addressed critics and disparagers, writing, “Kim Kardashian West [is] a pop culture fascination able to generate headlines just by leaving her house.” But are these signifiers that the Kardashian Empire could potentially suffer from Kanye West ad nauseam?

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