'You Sleep When You Die' is Foolishness
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‘You Sleep When You Die’ is Foolishness

Glo to Sleep
GTS2000 - Glo to Sleep (Image: Sound Oasis)

There is a popular phrase in the entrepreneurship community regarding sleep. Quotes like, “you sleep when you die” and trending hashtags highlighting #teamnosleep have both had a strong presence. People have been verbalizing these phrases as if they are gospel, but these statements are very dangerous. No one can function at their optimal performance without sleep and if you aren’t getting enough of it, it can lead to serious health issues. On average, a human needs up to seven hours of sleep per night.

So, what if you are of that subset of people who are trying to go to sleep but, your mind is racing with thoughts surrounding the next product feature you need to launch for your app in beta or how you’re going to increase your customer base tenfold for your newly formulated startup? Well, there’s a sleep therapy mask for that. It’s called the Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep and it’s designed to quiet all of those racing thoughts that you can’t seem to shush before going to bed.

As a creative, I constantly have this problem, so I decided to try it. The way that it works is you place the goggles on your face and strap in. At first glance, they look a lot like Virtual Reality goggles, but they don’t feel that way. They are soft, fluffy and beyond comfortable. Once they’re on, you turn on the device and it triggers a blue light. You can program it to stay on for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. This light allows you to focus your mind until your thoughts quite themselves enough to fall to sleep and that they did. In what felt like less than five to 10 minutes, I was sound to sleep.

GTS2000 - Glo to Sleep (Image: Sound Oasis)
GTS2000 – Glo to Sleep (Image: Sound Oasis)

In addition to this version, there is a more complex version called the Illumy which has a much broader feature set. You can program the mask to an app and set up times that will gently dim the light to help you fall asleep and gently brighten the light to help you wake up naturally. The light mimics the sunrise and sunset. The more advanced mask comes with a durable case for all you travelers out there.

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