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4. Burrell Communications Group L.L.C.

Burrell Communications Group L.L.C. is one of the nation’s leading advertising agencies targeting the African…

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3. UniWorld Group Inc.

Founded by Byron E. Lewis in 1969, UniWorld Group Inc. is a pioneer in the…

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2. Carol H. Williams Advertising

Carol H. Williams Advertising (CHWA) is the nation’s largest minority- and woman-owned advertising agency. The…

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1. GlobalHue

GlobalHue is the largest multi-cultural advertising and marketing agency in the U.S. The company operates…

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1. Prestige Automotive Group

Despite suffering a 22% revenue decline in 2008, Prestige Automotive Group takes top honors on…

By BlackEnterprise.com


Top African Americans in Technology

Donya Douglas on her love of the sciences

Over the next few days BlackEnterprise.com will introduce to you three digeratis who are reshaping…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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The 15 Best Companies for Board Diversity

These American corporations have decided to climb aboard the diversity train.

Every July, Black Enterprise magazine identifies the “40 Best Companies for Diversity” (on newsstands now).…

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The 15 Best Companies for Supplier Diversity

Every July, Black Enterprise magazine identifies the “40 Best Companies for Diversity.” In addition, we…

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The 15 Best Companies for Senior Management

For these firms, glass ceilings do not apply

Every July, Black Enterprise magazine identifies the “40 Best Companies for Diversity” (on newsstands now).…


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America’s Leading Doctors: Psychiatry

The leading medical practitioners of treatment of mental health issues including depression, eating disorders and substance abuse

Mental health remains a critical issue in America. A recent study funded by the National…

By Cliff Hocker

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Top 50 Power Brokers in Hollywood

These luminaries wield unprecedented clout in film and television

From media titan Oprah Winfrey to megastar Will Smith, powerful forces in Hollywood are controlling…

By Nicole Marie Richardson

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50 Top Colleges for African Americans

Our exclusive ranking yielded some surprises and some staples. And this year, after we show you the best schools, we take a comprehensive look at how to make college affordable.

Additional reporting by Michelle J. Nealy, Tennille M. Robinson, Tykisha N. Lundy & Stephanie Young

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Women of Power

Venus Williams

Watch Sonia Alleyne’s Interview with Venus Williams at This Year’s Women of Power Summit [Video]

Venus Williams was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women of Power Summit.

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Women of Power: Pushing Past Fear To Make Your Next Career Move

At the Black Enterprise Women of Power summit, attendees learn how to push past fears…

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