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Public Speaking Nightmare? Here’s How to Become a Hit

Use these quick tips to upgrade your skills

Get a quick brush up on upgrading your public speaking and presentation skills with these…

By Jamie Harrison

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“Savvy Cupcake” Owner Sits Down to Talk Business and Fashion Line

Comfort for the sophisticated woman

Creme Magazine sits down with Savvy Cupcake owner Shaniese Grant to discuss upcoming plans for…

By Sasha King

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Five Tips to Help you Make a Genuine Connection

Get the right people in your corner with these helpful tips

These five tips from Brazen Careerist will help you make connections in your personal and…

By Sasha King

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Job Hopping, The Choice of Generation Y

Don't let the economy limit your options

Don’t be afraid to explore career options. Diversify for better job opportunities. Brazen Careerist list…

By Sasha King

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London-Based Marketing Pro Finds Success in Entrepreneurial Expansion

Founder of branding and trends companies tells how she made an exciting transition

Samantha Clarke, founder of branding and trends companies, talks making an exciting transition from career…

By Octavia Goredema

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Harlem-Based Education Group Prepares Youth for College—and Graduation

Many of us found adolescence difficult to navigate but got through it, not just with…

By Robin White Goode

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3 Early-Morning Habits of Winning Young Bosses

Consistency with routines is key to setting tone for successful day

Take a cue from three leading young bosses on how they start their day and…

By Jamie Harrison

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Stop the BS Stunt and Show: Top 5 Cliche Job Titles

Yes, there are reputative professionals wearing these shoes, but others have no receipts

Some so-called occupations have prompted a side-eye and skepticism, whether warranted or unwarranted.

By Janell Hazelwood

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Style Suite: 5 Fall Fashion Staples Perfect for the Office

These key trends can be incorporated into any look for timeless polish

These key fall fashion must-haves will stand the test of time and can be incorporated…

By Kéla Walker

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That Ain’t Hot: 3 Not-So-Boss Celebrity Moves You Don’t Want to Emulate

Stay away from mistakes that could ultimately derail your career

Celebrities can be role models, but some make moves that are certain to lead millennials…

By Jamie Harrison

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ColorComm Offers Something New for Professional Women of Color

For ladies who lunch, work and want to continue on the road of success

For ladies who lunch, work and want to continue on the road of success

By Demetria Irwin

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Small Business Administration Kicks Off Veterans Small Business Week

9 Tips for Job-Seeking Veterans

Here's how to parlay your military skills into a career in corporate America

Here’s how to parlay your military skills into a career in corporate America

By Alan Hughes

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5 Ways to Be the Best Leader When All Hell Breaks Loose

Crisis management is a top trait of effective leadership

Learn 5 steps to effective crisis management and gain respect of your team.

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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4 Great Reads to Jump Start Your Career

These books will enlighten and inspire

These reads will give you the insight and inspiration you need whether you’re a recent…

By Jamie Harrison

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Get Into This: National Take Back Your Time Day

Avoid long-term damage by prioritizing what's important: happiness and balance

For this national initiative, it’s time to look at what’s important: balance and happiness.

By Janell Hazelwood

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Cool Jobs: Young Senior Mobile Tech Exec Talks Passion and Profits

Chance Cheesecake Factory meeting led to opportunity of a lifetime

Erdolo Eromo (@Erdolo) is, at 31, one of the country’s youngest leaders in the world…

By Aisha M. Taylor

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Disconnected: 3 Surefire Signs Your Web Presence Isn’t Cutting It

Key red flags to stay away from on the Internet

Here are key red flags that you need to upgrade your Internet profile.

By Jamie Harrison

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Style Suite: Show Your Coworkers Who’s Really Wearing the Pants

Spark major office glam with matchstick pants

Matchstick pants, in a variety of prints, colors and fabrics, are flattering on most body…

By Kéla Walker

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Do We Really Have to Give Up Culture for Ultimate Career Success?

I'd beg to differ, but in reality, it's up to us to choose the yay or nay

Whether it’s our name, mannerisms, interests, or values, is it necessary to sacrifice the cultural…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Leadership in Africa: How One Drifter Strengthened Adaptability and Ingenuity

Take a cue from this traveler on how to role with the punches

Take a cue from this traveler’s trip to Equatorial Guinea on how to adaptability and…


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How to Hire Talent That Will Complement Your Team and Culture

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