Become a Published Author in 2021 With the Help of This $40 Course Bundle

Become a Published Author in 2021 With the Help of This $40 Course Bundle

We’ve all got a story to tell. Whether it’s one that came to us in a dream or an actual experience, transforming the ideas living in your head into a published story isn’t such a daunting task with The Complete 2021 Self-Publish Your Book Bundle.

You don’t need to wait around for a traditional publishing company to share your story with the world. The 28 hours of content will walk you through how to self-publish through Amazon, and climb the ranks like these authors who are seeing well over $50,000 in sales yearly.

It’s more than just getting the book down on paper. Formatting the book and designing the cover can determine if your book climbs to the top of the best-selling charts.

Even if you don’t exactly have an idea completely formulated, but revel in the thought of having your name on a book cover, this bundle will walk you through the art of brainstorming, exploring potential plot points, and how to manage your time to get published sooner rather than later.

All these lessons are brought to you in part by Skill Success and some of their self-publishing professors, like David James Ault. The self-taught author and his colleagues have been in your exact position before and are now publishing entire series.

To top it all off, you’ll get the inside knowledge on how to publish a website to promote your new book, along with your overall new brand as an entrepreneur.

Want in on the action that’s rated well over 4 stars and to claim 2021 as the year you finally put your story out into the open? Snag The Complete 2021 Self-Publish Your Book Bundle for only $39.99 (Reg. $2,587) from the Black Enterprise Shop today.

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