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SoMo Lend

SoMoLend Crowdfunding Site Faces Fraud Charges

Ohio state regulators threaten to shut down the website for making false claims and financial projections

Klein said that SoMoLend is in discussions with the state, and stressed that that state…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Gerome Sapp created Fluencr, a marketplace that gives individuals the same access to their favorite brands and initiatives that athletes and celebrities have and get rewarded for their influence.

Former NFL Player Gerome Sapp On His Journey from Athlete to Tech Founder

Former football player creates platform where influencers gain endorsements from brands

By aggregating algorithm’s of social actions generated by an individual to a specific brand, Fluencr…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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(Image: Apple)

iPhone 5S: 5 Things to Expect From the New iPhone

Given what we know from the rumors and iOS 7, here’s what you can expect

Five features you can expect from the next gen iPhone.

By Janel Martinez

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Nas attends the 55th Grammy's.

Social Influence: Nas Raises Over $60,000 on Crowdtilt for Family Stranded By Fire

Rapper uses his celebrity and fame to raise funds for family in need

Queens-bred rapper Nas started a Crowdtilt campaign, urging others to help raise funds for the…

By Janel Martinez

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Apple to Announce Next Gen iPhone on September 10

Mark your calendar, the tech giant is expected to unveil the next iPhone early next month

Apple is slated to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on September 10.

By Janel Martinez

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Charisse Conanan and Adrissha Wimberly are the founders of Smarteys (Image: Source)

Tech Startup of the Week: Financial Management Service Turns Millennials Into ‘Smarteys’

Financially savvy duo founds startup that helps young people manage their money

Smarteys founders sat down with to talk about entering a new industry, how they…

By Janel Martinez

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Report Shows Number of Seniors Using Social Media More Than Tripled

Nearly 43% of Internet users ages 65 and older report they use social media

A report released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that the number…

By Janel Martinez

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12 Tools for Collecting Leads on Your Website or Blog

These tools will help you aggregate leads

Tools to use to collect leads on your website or blog.


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MoviePass CEO Stacy Spikes On Grabbing a Slice of the Movie Pie

Founder of MoviePass app looks to create a blockbuster of his own spoke with MoviePass CEO Stacy Spikes about his newest venture and the convergence of…

By Alan Hughes

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entrepreneur advice

How to Start That Online Business You’ve Been Thinking About

Five easy-to-follow tips to get your online business idea off the ground

Several easy ways to get a head start on your online business.


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Usain Bolt Added to ‘Temple Run 2’

Six-time Olympic gold medalist is now in popular video game

Usain Bolt is now a playable character in the endless running game available on Apple…

By Janel Martinez

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(Image: ThinkStock)

White House Recognizes Tech Leaders As ‘Champions of Change for Tech Inclusion’

Eleven individuals honored at White House event for implementing initiatives that add more women, minorities and underserved youth to tech pipeline

As part of the White House Tech Inclusion initiative, the Champions of Change for Tech…

By Janel Martinez

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7 Steps to a Headache-Free Website Makeover

Tips that ensure a smooth and successful website redesign

Follow these 7 steps to ensure a smooth and successful site redesign.


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Terrance Gaines is the founder of (Image: Terrance Gaines)

Black Blogger Month: BrothaTech, Breaking Tech Talk Down for the Masses

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed geek or tech novice, Terrance Gaines is speaking your language when it comes to gadgets and tools

As Black Blogger Month continues, Terrance Gaines, widely-known as BrothaTech, shares his tech expertise and…

By Janel Martinez

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Accessing Files: File sharing and allowing team members to access content remotely and for co-located teams during meetings is critical.  Two recommended tools are Dropbox mobile app and Google Docs.

From 0 to 100 Million Users: How a Simple Video Can Change Your Business

Tips to leveraging video content

How video content can enhance your business model.


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When it comes to social networking sites, LinkedIn is not viewed as one of the most exciting platforms (thanks to the ability to “pin,” “tweet” and “Facebook” nearly any aspect of life), but it is definitely one web-based network you should invest your time in. In fact, there’s a bevy of functions that are raising the stakes, allowing professionals to stay connected with others in and outside of their spheres of influence, access applications and remain up to date on the latest career-related news. Mashable outlines five capabilities you should familiarize yourself with and maximize on LinkedIn:

4 Ways to Drive Engagement on LinkedIn

Tips and tricks to enhancing your LinkedIn strategy provides four practical methods to integrate into your LinkedIn strategy that will drive engagement.…

By S. Lynn Cooper

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Small business owners should have a strong mobile strategy that enables them to run their company from a handheld device.  With nearly 90% of people using their smartphone throughout the day, it is important to connect with them at the point of decision-making and engage with those users in real-time. Follow these four easy-to-follow steps to take your startup to the next level with mobile technology.--Hajj Flemings

6 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Use

Apps to make your small business run smoothly

Applications every small business chief should use.


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6 Ways to Optimize Your Retail Website For Search Engines

Quick tips to optimizing your e-commerce website

Six components of SEO that online retailers should know about when optimizing their e-commerce website…


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14 Low-Cost Ways to Test Your Website With a Small Audience

Affordable strategies to testing your business website

Affordable strategies to testing your website out on a small audience.


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Spike Lee Is Raising Money for New Film Via Kickstarter

Fans raised millions for Veronica Mars project

Lee is looking to raise $1.25 million for the project

By Darren Sands

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How To

Cultural bias

Ask Sheree: When an Employee Suffers Cultural Bias

What should I do when I sense that my manager is culturally biased against me?

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How to Start a Profitable T-Shirt Business

T-shirts are contemporary wardrobe staples for men, women, and children today. Building an online T-shirt…

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