6 Responses to 5 Tips for Success in the Hair Industry

  1. Laquisha marion says:

    Im wanting to be a celebrity hairstylist but I don’t know how to get my name out there. I moved from Tennessee to Atlanta TOTALLY by faith, and I believe that my gift will make room for me. My clientele is really growing since I moved here almost 2 yrs ago. So if you could give me some suggestions on what to do, I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • Eno says:

      This is a very unusual soiautitn. If you lived locally, I would ask you to come in for a complimentary evaluation. If you are out of the area, I can usually recommend a hair restoration expert that can guide you to the right solution. Where are you located? I would love to help you find an answer to this question. +10Was this answer helpful?

  2. mraimis says:

    Here is good video about this

  3. Michelle says:

    I am a successful hairstylist based in the uk,
    i do hope you are successful in your endeavors;
    my clients been with me for over 25 years,and currently semy retired and working on a hair invention to hopefully supplement my eventual retirement.
    -work for the best awrd winning salon(its a door to being in the know,about celebrity clients.
    -offer alot of assistance to more experienced stylist for free when they do
    videos or setion work.
    -create a you tube channel with products review and styles that you like
    -always update your work,some salons offer free courses when companies introduces new products
    -have great intergrity in all you do,no malicious gossip or negativity to no one(especialy high profile clients)
    -allways walk with you upmarket premium business cards)no never know who you going to meet.
    -always show great attention and high ethics to your clients needs at all time.
    -dont be pushy with celebs clients,get them to trust you.
    -Attend alot of hair ,fashion,and get your technological knowledge updated.
    I do hope this was helpfull
    good luck my child

  4. Roberta Baker says:

    I know a young man who has invested in a fledgling salon business in an area that has a need for a multicultural salon. What tips can you give him for success in this arena?

  5. jalecia says:

    I am a young 22 year old. who is trying to figure Georgia’s hair world out.It is different from up north. I am wanting to get myself out there and step out on faith. I have the gift not a talent and if given the the time I can really show myself. but it seems as though no body wants you if you have not already got yourself out there.

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