Study: Women Are More Optimistic About Economy Than Men

Female entrepreneurs also use social media more to connect with customers

In a profile on Forbes, American Express OPEN Spring Small Business Monitor released its bi-annual analysis of U.S. small business owners. The results are interesting and quite provocative.

Overall, despite the 2.9% contraction in the economy during the first quarter, women are still more optimistic about their business, their markets, and the economy.

American Express found that 61% of female business owners have a positive outlook on the economy, as opposed to only 50% of men. It is important to note the disparity between the two numbers. As a budding entrepreneur, confidence in the overall economy and one’s respective marketplace is important when cultivating a business. As an aside, not everything is peachy-keen, as the survey also found that 10% of women admitted feeling that their business is a “sinking ship” versus 15% of men who felt the same way.

Sixty-three percent of women were also more incline to utilize social media to connect with potential investors, customers, over a reported 55% of men. But the most intriguing poll comes from the percentage of women who are more content about their job, company, project, than their male counterparts. Seventy-three percent of women said they were “very happy” with their lives versus 66% of men who were able to say the same.

With such an overwhelmingly distinct difference between women and men entrepreneurs, does it seem that the fairer sex is happier with less?

Read the full report by clicking here. Leave your thoughts about the question above in the comments below.


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