In the News: Depression in Black Men Linked to Salary; NPR Ousts CEO; Quincy Jones On His Multi-Media Grind

A few noteworthy headlines around the Web

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  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: African American Males Making Over 80K at Greater Risk of Depression

Most men aspire to climb the ladder of opportunities, but does it cost them their mental health? According to a recent survey, it does.

A newly-released study reports Black men making $80,000 and over are more likely to report depression than males who make $17,000 and below.

  • NPR Ousts CEO Vivian Schiller

Chairman of the National Public Radio’s board of directors, David Edward, released a statement announcing the media organization accepts the president and chief-executive-officer’s resignation, but David Folkenflik is tweeting a different story.

“The board for NPR NEWS has just ousted CEO Vivian Schiller in the wake of video sting by conservative activist of a top exec,” said the NPR Media correspondent via Twitter.

On the other hand, Edwards’ statement implies it was a resignation, not a provoked removal.“The board accepted Vivian’s resignation with understanding, genuine regret and great respect for her leadership of NPR these past two years.”

Schiller’s departure comes after her fellow executive, Ron Schiller, which she has no relation to, accused the Tea Party of being “seriously racist.” Vivian also received flack for firing Juan Williams.

  • Quincy Jones Enters Into International Multi-Media Venture

Music industry veteran turned multi-media entrepreneur Quincy Jones has teamed up with United Arab Emirates entrepreneur Badr Jafar, entering into a joint business venture, The Global Gumbo Group, with plans of expanding multi-media opportunities across all entertainment platforms: publishing, film, music, television and digital applications.

“It is my hope that this partnership with my dear friend Badr Jafar will provide a cultural exchange between the West and the Middle East and North Africa that will foster a better understanding of these regions and an appreciation for our common values at this crucial time in the region’s history,” said Jones.

The business partners plan to expose the specific regions—the West, Middle East and North Africa—to live entertainment and new artists and talent. Jones will serve as chairman of the board, while Jafar will carry out the role of president.

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      • Menard

        Please. She’s done such a hrlbiroe job at NPR who would listen to her? I won’t take the time to rebut much of what is said her because it isn’t worth the time. This is a Newsosaur parading around in new clothes.

    • valerie waker

      I am not a blck man but I am a single black woman. all 3 comments are mine

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