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This App Makes Cooking and Nutrition Fun and Easy

Can a mobile app that teaches cooking and nutrition using comics and animation help African Americans make better choices in regards to healthy eating and wellness?

See how two brothers teamed up to create The Black Streak Kitchen mobile app, which…

By Dr. Dionne Mahaffey

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Although African-American women are at a greater risk of dying from the disease than any other ethnic group, they are least likely to know the risk factors.  The first step in prevention is getting informed about a disease that’s expected to cost the nation approximately $800 billion a year by 2030, according to the American Heart Association. 	Rhonda Medows, MD, chief medical officer and executive vice president of United Healthcare’s government programs shares her heart healthy tips with BlackEnterprise.com. Dr. Medows breaks down her "Dress for Success" formula and how it equals a longer, robust life.

5 Ways to Get Heart Healthy

Here's what Black women need to do to get healthy!

Here’s what Black women need to do to get healthy!

By Janel Martinez

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The Heart of the Matter

Doctors lead an initiative to improve cardiovascular health

As Americans are expressing interest in bettering their health, the African American community remains stagnant…

By Aisha Sylvester

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