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The College Debt Barrier Comes Down

Starbucks serves up higher ed with a smile

Starbucks and Arizona State University dismantle the barriers to college completion.

By Robin White Goode

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Screw College Debt

How to go to college without breaking the bank

Book review of Screw College Debt by a former student who saved money while earning…

By Robin White Goode

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Student Debt Becomes Chief Concern for College Applicants

Majority of college applicants say debt is a deciding factor in choosing schools

President Barack Obama and credit reporting agency Moody’s called on colleges to cut student costs.

By Gerren Keith Gaynor

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Clark Atlanta University Ranked as Worst in Student Debt

94 percent of students at HBCU borrow money to fund education

94 percent of students at HBCU borrow money to fund education

By Gerren Keith Gaynor

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How to Negotiate a Better Financial Aid Package

Use these tips to get the best deal on college financing

In addition to buying a home, funding a college education is probably one of the…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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It’s no secret that the cost to attend college can be quite expensive. As a result, most students heading back to school or those heading away for home for the first time will rely heavily on student loans and financial aid. While this assistance is a welcome safety blanket for those with limited funds, it also begins the cycle of post-grad debt. In an effort to help steer students in the right direction, here are six options for new graduates looking for debt relief. —Kahliah A. Laney

6 Tips for Decreasing Student Loan Debt Post Grad

Get educated on paying off that college debt faster

Student loans are usually the beginning of a cycle of debt that holds us back…

By Kahliah A. Laney

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Paying for College

College financing has changed since you went to school. In light of the dismal job…

By Robin White Goode

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Help! I’m Desperate to Get Rid of Debt!

I really want to get out of student loan debt. I’ve been paying on my…

By Sheiresa Ngo

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Economista: Micro-loans for College Students?

How social loans are becoming a viable source for student borrowers

Companies have been springing up offering a micro lending model to student loans which aims…

By Renita Burns

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