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The 3D printing revolution has ushered in a new era of customization. Human bones, fuel-efficient car parts, and even burritos now take only a few hours to produce through this innovative printing process. As you read this, engineers are using 3D printing technology to experiment with commercial airplane design, doctors are whizzing out organs, and NASA is testing 3D printers that are destined to land on Mars.

With technology constantly evolving, BlackEnterprise.com takes a look at 6 noteworthy moments in 3D printing history. –Semhar Woldeyesus

3D Printing: Is Now the Time for Black Entrepreneurs to Adapt?

New technology won't print you money, but it will save it

Sure, 3D printers won’t print you money, but if you are a small business owner,…

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Ikea To Raise Company Minimum Wages In U.S.

Popular Swedish retailer is raising wages by 17%

Swedish furniture retailer is answering claims of economic inequality by raising the minimum wage level…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Have a Baby in 9 Months, Get a Free Ikea Crib.

IKEA Finds Horsemeat in Meatballs, Removes from Stores

Furniture giant becomes latest company in horsemeat scandal.

The scandal that began in Ireland in mid-January continues to affect brands

By C. Daniel Baker

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Have a Baby in 9 Months, Get a Free Ikea Crib.

Make a Valentine’s Day Baby, Get a Free Ikea Crib.

Ikea's latest Valentines Day promotion goes viral.

Incorporating humor into advertising is tricky. Here’s how Ikea got it right

By C. Daniel Baker

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