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Michael Baisden Gets ‘Locked Out’ of His Syndicated Radio Show

Negotiations weren't going well and after the radio announcer says farewell to his fans, Cumulus responds by locking out his staff

Can Baisden bounce back from this?

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Plan Big to Make Your (Professional) Dreams Reality

It's great to envision success, but get the guidance to achieve it

An essential key to seeing successful results is discovering where to look for information and…

By Antoine Moss

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Preview ‘Our World’: Media Entrepreneur Michael Baisden

Radio personality, author, and social activist talks “The Maintenance Man II”; plus, the shocking numbers of missing and forgotten African Americans

Host Marc Lamont Hill caught up with Michael Baisden at the 2012 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs…

By Andrew Wadium

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Entrepreneurs Conference: Kim Coles To Help Judge Elevator Pitch Competition

Comedian/TV personality to join radio host Michael Baisden, The CASHFLOW Founder Magnus Greaves and Black Enterprise CEO Earl Graves Jr. on judging panel

Coles will join The CASHFLOW Founder Magnus Greaves, radio personality and author Michael Baisden and…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Michael Baisden Extends Radio Contract

Deal could expand show�s reach by millions

Bestselling author and television talk show personality Michael Baisden signed a multi-year deal to extend…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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One on One With Michael Baisden

The future of black radio

With a syndicated radio show in some 64 markets across the country, Michael Baisden is…

By George Alexander

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Black TV News

Is America ready for a 24-hour black cable news network?

Cable and network television news programs have often been chided for their lack of adequate…

By George Alexander

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