Michael Baisden Extends Radio Contract


Bestselling author and television talk show personality Michael Baisden signed a multi-year deal to extend his 2005 contract with ABC Radio Networks. In New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and other key markets, the Michael Baisden Show holds the No. 1 position in its afternoon slot.


“Michael’s show has developed one of the most loyal audiences in radio today and his consistently strong ratings have made him a brand of choice for key advertisers,” said Jim Robinson, president of ABC Radio Networks in a news release. “Renewing our original agreement was a priority and positions us for substantial success in the years ahead.”

The new contract will encompass a development deal in addition to multi-media platforms that will include websites, podcasts, a mobile channel and live events. The program already runs two Websites, MichaelBaisden.com and Minglecity.com.

“Our show has come so far in such a brief period of time yet I know the best days are still ahead of us,” said Baisden in a release. “Connecting with my listeners and providing them a forum is what drives me each and every day. I’m thrilled to know I’ll be taking the program to the next level and reaching even more listeners with the same phenomenal team.” Baisden would not discuss details of the deal.

The top-rated host says he attributes the success of his show to “hard work and preparation.”

“We put a lot of time into the show. I’m up until almost 2 a.m. every morning including Sundays. The only day I take off is Saturday,” he said. “And when I say ‘take off’ I mean that I only work eight to 10 hours on Saturdays.”

The Michael Baisden Show’s social and political commentary played an influential role in the recent presidential election. President-elect Barack Obama was a regular guest of the program through the primary season and the months leading up to the general election. The night of the election, Baisden extended his airtime beyond 3 p.m. and continued to broadcast his show live until 11 p.m. from two South Florida ballrooms, reported the South Florida Times.

His election results show drew an audience of more than 1,000 South Florida voters who watched four large screens as the electoral votes poured in. The show was also credited with bringing last year’s Jena 6 march to the national forefront.

In 2007, Baisden joined with civil-rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton to bring attention to a case in Jena, Louisiana where six black students were “unfairly” given adult felony charges for a school yard brawl. The fight took place after a race-based intimidation incident occured which targeted black students at the school. Since its syndicated launch in 2005, the show has grown to 68 affiliates, is heard in 22 of the top 25 urban radio markets, and reaches more than 4.6 million listeners each week.