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Women & Money: Tips for Financial Empowerment

Credit counseling CEO gives insights on money management

Savvy money management skills are a necessity to weather these tough economic times. BlackEnterprise.com has…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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What NOT to Do in an Economic Downturn

Sure, the financial markets are in a tailspin. But, take a deep breath--and don't panic

There’s little question—the financial markets in 2008 have been scary. The stock market has fallen…

By Mellody Hobson

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A Reality Check for Christmas

Let's remember a generation that didn't just talk about fiscal responsibility, but lived it: the survivors of The Great Depression.

Most of us know the principles of responsible money management: Habitual saving and controlled spending.…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Five Ways to Green Your Finances

Make your dollars eco-green and Earth-friendly

Those looking to green their homes and lifestyles, can also take a look at their…

By Erinn R. Johnson

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