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Meet the 10-Year-Old Genius Who’s Studying for a College Degree

UK native Esther Okade is pursuing for a degree with Open University

At just 10-years-old, Esther Okade is already studying for a math undergraduate degree

By Courtney Connley

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Job Fair Ninja: How to Walk Out With a Winning Gig Today

Three steps that will ensure you aren't wasting precious time

Cindy Billington, career advisement professional at Texas A&M University, shares tips on how to conquer…

By Jamie Harrison

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College vs. Career: Get the Dream Job Without the Degree

How experience can sometimes trump the paper

With the cost of education continuing to rise it may be feasible to reassess how…

By Sasha King

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College Majors that Lead to High Unemployment

A breakdown of how course of study relates to jobless rates

How your course of study relates to joblessness in the market

By BlackEnterprise.com

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4 Ways a Liberal Arts Degree Can Work for You

How earning a general degree can have its perks

How to effectively market skills learned while earning a general degree

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Find a Program Many returning and non-traditional students are not in the same position as first-year undergraduates. With families, full-time jobs, and various financial responsibilities to maintain, full-time programs aren’t always an option. Since finding a program that meets these prospective students’ needs is imperative, universities and colleges offer evening, part-time and weekend programs as great alternatives. For people just looking to improve their skills and not enroll in a degree program, institutions do offer non-degree options.

4 Tips You Should Know Before Heading Back to (Graduate) School

If you’re thinking about hitting the books (again), take a page from BE’s Back to School guide

BlackEnterprise.com has got you covered with these four easy-to-follow tips on returning to school.

By Kahliah A. Laney

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WATCH: B.E. on the Street – Essential Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

New Yorkers tell how real-life experience prepped them for the workplace

New Yorkers tell how real-life experience prepped them for the workplace

By Janell Hazelwood

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