College vs. Career: Get the Dream Job Without the Degree

College vs. Career: Get the Dream Job Without the Degree

With the cost of education continuing to rise it may be feasible to reassess how you will achieve your career goals. Is it imperative to have a college education for career advancement? Many jobs require a college degree despite having experience. Brazen Careerist explains some ways you can get the job without the degree.

Work for free: Taking an internship is probably the most traditional way of developing credibility before seeking your first “real” job or clients. Plain old volunteering can be just as valuable. Both help you gain experience in the field, fill a resume, gain references and build a portfolio of work. You can build a resume that focuses on relevant work, downplaying the fact that you weren’t paid.

Be sure to take advantage of networking opportunities in internship or volunteering positions. When you do good work for someone for free, they’ll be eager to return the favor, so be nice and keep in touch with them. They’ll be the ones to recommend you for paid work or to vouch for your experience and skills to a potential (paying) employer.

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