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Poll Watcher Caught On Video Expressing Suspicions About Black Voters

Man: 'I saw "double or triple the amount" of people of color that I see at the mall.'

Did you see any poll watchers acting like this Colorado one did?

By Laurence Afums

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Voter Fraud: Behind the Hype, GOP’s Own Scandal

(source: www.naacpldf.org)
While the GOP point fingers of voter fraud at the Association of Community Organizations…

By Renita Burns

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Black Students, Voter Eligibility Questioned

(source: my.barackobama.com)

With the election 19 days aways controversy over voter fraud, intimidation and suppression have…

By Renita Burns

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McCain and RNC Hammer at Obama’s ACORN Involvement

Former Sens. John Danforth (R-Mo.) and Warren Rudman (R-NH) reissued an invitation today to Sen.…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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