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[WATCH] Yegna: Ethiopia’s Sound of Change

The multi-platform brand, Yegna, means “ours” in Amharic, and their message is all about…

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Teen ‘Breaks the Internet’ with Prom Dress

Kyemah McEntyre says her designs are a response to the challenges black women face

For 18-year-old Kyemah McEntyre, prom was an opportunity to show off her fashion design skills…

By Brittany Dandy

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Post Interview Etiquette: 5 Tips for Handwriting Proper Thank You Notes

Jotting down a proper thank you is a sure way to stand out from the rest

Tips to handwritten thank you notes that help interview candidates stand out from the crowd.

By Brittany Dandy

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How to Break Bad News to Your Boss

Come correct so you won't lose your dignity---or your job

(Image: Thinkstock)
It’s always a dreadful thought when you have to go to your boss…

By Janell Hazelwood

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8 Days to Action: DAY 8, Getting to the Destination of Success

How to tap into self-fulfillment and use your gift for profit

Here are eight days of finding your purpose and tapping into the right career path…

By Jullien Gordon

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How To

Equifax hack

After 143 Million Left Vulnerable by Equifax Hack, Here’s What You Can Do

The Equifax hack could be the largest data theft involving Social Security numbers, which is…

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JavaScript Developer

How She Became a Full Stack JavaScript Developer In 5 Intensive Months

My biggest lesson learned was overcoming limitations I had put on myself regarding what I…

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