8 Days to Action: DAY 8, Getting to the Destination of Success

8 Days to Action: DAY 8, Getting to the Destination of Success

We challenge you, in this eight-day series, to get in the driver’s seat of your life so that you can direct it where you want to go. Based on The 8 Cylinders of Success,â„¢ this series will help you discover ways to align those cylinders and thus create the most powerful vehicle possible from your life. The more cylinders you are able to align, the more powerful your personal movement.

DAY EIGHT: Possibility = Your Destination

Paving a path to a new destination that is physical, mental, social or spiritual is the best way to leave a legacy. For most people, life is just a journey to buy enough gas to make it to the end safely. After their engine burns out, their vehicle is worthless.

A better way to view life is to see it as an opportunity to build momentum that will outlast the vehicle that creates it to benefit others. You can leave a legacy by using your life to maximize your personal velocity so that others can benefit from your leftover energy. Your personal velocity dictates how far into the future your impact will last and you can increase that by living a purpose-filled life.

Creating new possibilities in your life, your organization and the world should always be the primary focus and you should seek professional opportunities that allow you to do that. Even if where you are is great, there is always a higher level. In the same way cars leave behind carbon footprints, when you exit Earth’s Expressway, you will leave behind a carbon copy of yourself imprinted in people hearts and minds. If you create new possibilities for people through the vehicles of your life, work or simply the way you live your life, the people that know you will have a road map to believe and follow until they are able to set out on their own road.

Everyone’s life has an impact on the world whether small, big, negative, positive, short-term or long-term. Through your actions, you have the power to determine how long your momentum will carry forward into the future, opening new possibilities for others that you never even experienced yourself. A lot of people see life like it’s just a drive-thru. They choose from a preselected list of options, pay with their time and money, and expect to have it their way at the same time. If the current menu doesn’t satisfy you, then you have to be committed enough to create something else. Life is not a multiple choice test—instead of using the process of elimination, try using the process of creation to create exactly what you want in your life.

Activity: Write down a one-sentence answer to:”What will be possible in the world because of my life?”

Example: People will be able to let who they are define what they do professionally, instead of letting what they do professionally define who they are.

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Jullien “Purpose Finder” Gordon is founder of The Department of Motivated Vehicles, a personal and professional development company that specializes in motivating individuals, employees and teams. In addition to The 8 Cylinders of Success featured in this series, he has written four books on career advancement, goal-setting and procrastination, and maximizing college. He serves as consultant and speaker to companies, colleges and other organizations across the nation.