Mateus Chipa, Black-Owned, Rocket Company

The Rise Of The First Black-Owned Private Rocket Company

Mateus Chipa has emerged as the visionary founder behind Theby Space Services (TSS), the first Black-owned private rocket company.

In a groundbreaking move aimed at fostering greater diversity and inclusion in space exploration, Mateus Chipa has emerged as the visionary founder behind Theby Space Services (TSS), the first Black-owned private rocket company, according to AfroTech. Chipa’s bold initiative seeks to address the glaring lack of representation of Black individuals in space exploration, a disparity underscored by recent data revealing that only 18 out of 360 astronauts enlisted with NASA are Black.

Chipa’s journey in founding TSS was driven by a deep-seated desire to see the Black community play a more prominent role in space exploration. Frustrated by the absence of significant Black leadership in the field, Chipa embarked on a mission to break down barriers and create opportunities for empowerment. “For the last 10 years, I’ve been frustrated because I haven’t seen any Black nation or individual talking about going into space,” Chipa shared in a video posted on YouTube. “I’ve been asking myself, why? Why ain’t nobody thinking about this?”

Motivated by a sense of accountability and responsibility, Chipa took matters into his own hands and established TSS with a clear vision for its mission. At the core of TSS’s objectives is to democratize space exploration by offering universal space transportation for all of humanity. In addition to providing cost-effective access to space, TSS is committed to extending its services to African nations, facilitating satellite deployment, cargo transport, and manned missions to the moon and beyond.

Chipa’s ambition extends even further, with plans to assemble a crew composed entirely of Black astronauts for missions to the moon and eventually Mars. This aspirational goal reflects Chipa’s commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and empowerment within space exploration.

To support his mission, Chipa has launched a GoFundMe campaign for his Black-owned rocket company to raise funds for developing two rockets: Big Hussle 33 and Nipsey Sky, named in honor of the late Nipsey Hussle. These rockets are poised to revolutionize space transportation, capable of carrying both cargo and passengers into space.

“TSS is more than a space exploration company; it’s a call to action for the Black community and a statement to the world that we are ready to take our rightful place among the stars,” Chipa expressed on his company website. “It’s a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment, ensuring that future space missions reflect the true diversity of humanity.”