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The House Voted To Ban TikTok, But The App Isn’t Done Just Yet

One report found that 60% of Black small and mid-sized business owners think the ban would threaten their livelihoods.

The House voted to ban TikTok April 20. However, what comes next is not an immediate expulsion of the app.

The ban stems from an ongoing push by the U.S. for TikTok to be sold by Chinese Tech firm ByteDance Ltd. The original version of the ban initially stalled in the Senate. However, the app’s potential for national security risks continues to be a top priority for lawmakers.

According to the Associated Press, an updated version passed in the House with a 360-58 Saturday vote and now heads to the Senate. Modifications include an extended timeline of nine months to sell, with three more added if a sale is in the works.

While Democrat and Republican lawmakers are in relative agreement, Black small business owners feel the legislation would threaten their livelihoods. An Oxford Economics report shared that 60% of Black small- and mid-sized business (SMB) owners think the ban would be detrimental.

Black SMB owners stated more than any other demographic that TikTok was “critical” to remaining in operation. Furthermore, 83% also shared that their profits rose after promoting their products or services through the app.

Fortunately for this group, the ban expects to face legal challenges before coming to fruition. TikTok remains adamant that it will continue fighting for U.S. app users and shared its willingness to go to court on the grounds that it suppresses citizens’ First Amendment rights.

TikTok’s CEO directly addressed the potential ban last month. Today Online posted the footage of the TikTok video.

“We will not stop fighting and advocating for you,” said TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew. “We will continue to do all we can, including exercising our legal rights, to protect this amazing platform that we have built with you.”

“I think it’s not going to be well-received,” explained Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA). “It’s a sign of the Beltway being out of touch with where voters are.”

A campaign spearheaded by TikTok for American users to contact Congress to stop the ban remains ongoing.

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