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Chris Paul Teams Up With Black-Woman-Owned Fintech Company To Financially Empower Oakland Middle-Schoolers

NBA star Chris Paul has joined forces with Goalsetter, a Black-woman-owned fintech company equip students with financial literacy.

According to AfroTech, NBA star Chris Paul has joined forces with Goalsetter, a Black-woman-owned fintech company founded by Tanya Van Court, to equip Oakland middle-school students with essential financial literacy skills and resources.

The partnership, which also involves the Oakland Fund for Public Innovation and Nike, aims to address the pressing need for financial education among youth. A recent study conducted by Goalsetter revealed alarming gaps in financial knowledge among undergraduate students from Ivy League universities, emphasizing the critical importance of early financial literacy initiatives.

“Empowering our youth with the knowledge and tools to secure a financially sound future is not just a commitment, it’s a necessity,” stated Chris Paul. “We owe it to the next generation to lay the groundwork for financial success, ensuring they’re equipped to make informed decisions that will shape their lives and communities for the better.”

Through this initiative, 1,400 middle-school students from Edna Brewer Middle School and Montera Middle School in Oakland, California, will gain access to comprehensive financial literacy education. The curriculum, aptly named “Goalsetter Classroom,” will include weekly quizzes infused with pop culture references to engage students effectively.

In addition to educational materials, students will receive practical resources, including a Goalsetter savings account accessible through the company’s app. They will also receive $40 in Nike stock deposited into their Goalsetter investment account. To further empower students, Goalsetter will provide them with Cashola Cards, debit cards supported by Mastercard, equipped with features like “Learn Before You Burn” and “Learn to Earn.”

“This is more than just a conversation; it is a step towards bridging the financial literacy gap for youth across America,” remarked Tanya Van Court. “Chris Paul’s involvement has been instrumental in driving home the message that financial education is crucial for all, irrespective of socio-economic background.”

By imparting core financial concepts such as the Rule of 72 and the power of compound interest, the initiative seeks to break the cycle of costly financial mistakes that can impede students’ ability to build wealth.