10 Board Trends for Directors in 2015

10 Board Trends for Directors in 2015

Women Corporate Directors, a leading global organization of women board members, has conducted research, with findings that identify the top 10 board trends that are top of mind for directors this year. The research highlights developments that are evolving and opportunities for fast-growing industries.

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“As corporate boards kick off the year in a generally positive global economic climate, directors can think more strategically about growth,” Susan Stautberg, CEO of Women Corporate Directors said in a news release. ” [This year] will deliver more opportunities for established industries and fast-growing sectors alike, and boards will need to ensure their companies are continuing to evolve.”

From taking different approaches to entering markets to cultivating global intelligence, take a look at the top board trends for women professionals:

1.       Cybersecurity a concern for everyone (not just financial firms)

2.       Emergence of new board committees

3.       Growth of advisory boards to supplement board knowledge

4.       ‘Professionalization’ of boards opening doors for women

5.       Board tenure increasing, resulting in less opportunity for board renewal.

6.       Setting pay packages to appease multiple stakeholders

7.       Keeping an eye on the ‘CEO marketplace’

8.       Cultivating global intelligence

9.       Developing a more thoughtful approach to entering markets

10.   Infrastructure needed for companies to take advantage of global trade

Check out the full report here.

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