10 Great Tech Accessories for Travelers
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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While studies show we are taking less vacation time than ever, we are still keeping it moving. In 2014, Americans spent $644.9 billion on domestic and international travel. That figure only pertains to leisure trips—businesses spent another $283 billion on travel last year.

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The same studies also show we are increasingly planning our trips with technology. Mobile, social media, and travel websites are used by many to arrange travel plans. In fact, technology has become such an intrinsic part of daily life that even when we are on the road we tend to bring our tech along.

Although vacation time is viewed as the chance to disconnect, there is tech you want to consider throwing into a suitcase and bringing on your adventures. From keeping smartphones charged for uploading pictures of you zip-lining through a forest canopy, to luggage that is equipped with GPS, here are 10 great tech accessories for travelers:

Accell Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit with International Plug Adapter
The Accell Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit with International Plug Adapter is designed to provide high-speed USB charging for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.

The adapter is fitted with a folding two-prong USA-style plug that is compatible with European, United Kingdom or Australian snap-on plug adapters. An auto-switching feature detects and adjusts the adapter to the proper voltage for the country you are in—preventing surges and damage to your connected devices.

Image: Accell

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