10 Reasons Why White People Think Racism Is Over

10 Reasons Why White People Think Racism Is Over


“Are we now in a post-racial America?” This is perhaps the number two question asked since President Obama has taken office.Ever since Barack and Michelle Obama were sworn into office and moved into the White House, white America has banished the thought that “the racial deck is stacked.” With many white people believing that because Obama was president, any black man can, the belief is that racism as a whole is over.

One black American’s success isn’t proof that racial barriers no longer exist, but in the spirit of the argument, here 10 reasons as to why possible some white people think that racism is over.

Reasons Why White People Think Racism Is Over

White People Say They Understood ’12 Years A Slave’

reasons why white people think racism is over

When Steve McQueen’s visually stunning film hit theaters, critics argued that their understanding of the history of slavery allowed for racism to be in the past for today’s life and times.


Eminem and Macklemore Became Blockbuster Hip-Hop Stars

reasons why white people think racism is over

A collective reason why many white people believe racism is over stems from the multi-platinum and award winning success of Eminem and Macklemore. There is a host of next-gen rap fans who believe the culture stems from Eminem, which actually proves that racism is more entrenched than what is advertised.


Michael Jordan And Dr. Dre Are Billionaires

reason why white people think racism is over

In a study done by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, most white people believe that one black person’s success merits the end of racism. With celebrities such as Dr. Dre and Michael Jordan recently joining the Billionaire Boys Club, it’s apparent that white people believe that the playing field has been leveled for all of the black race.


Eve Married A Billionaire

reasons why white people think racism is over

If Eve can marry that Gumball Rally 3000 guy then surely we are all created equal. Not to mention Serena.


Lupita Nyong’o Won An Oscar

reason why white people think racism is over


Hollywood is notorious for making people believe that all is right in the world after a big win. Such is the case for actress Lupita Nyong’o. One Huffington Post commenter even went so far that her 2014 Oscar win means that the playing field for powerful roles is leveled now.

Anybody Can Say The N-Word

Sure, Don Lemon may have had an awkward debate about the N-word, but that hasn’t stopped white people from saying the word however they want, (remember, Micheal Richards’ of “Seinfeld” TV fame, who went on an n-word rant back in 2012)?



America Had A Black President

obama foundation, obama presidential center
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Some white people suggest that if Barack Obama could become president, so could any black man. The thought that systemic racial discrimination no longer exists in America and that black men and women are sitting next to success sounds a bit far-fetched when you look at the news.


Hip-Hop Is Global Pop

Jay Z
(Image: Wikimedia/Creative Commons)

Like most black musical art forms, hip-hop is just the latest in becoming a global phenomenon. As the culture started by the black and brown communities is now personified by white, you can hear the chants of “Everything is Equal,” off in the distance.

Interracial Dating Is Accepted

reasons why white people think racism is over

The faces of America’s future has gone multiracial as whites are merging their DNA with “the other” to create a new breed of offspring. If you remember what National Geographic concluded with its previous magazine cover, then you should know that most white Americans are more inviting to Jamal and Tamia becoming their in-laws.


Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber Adopted Black Culture Successfully

reasons why white people think racism is over


The twerker and the thug have indoctrinated themselves deep within black culture. While they are accepted amidst their respective controversies, the duo are still afforded the successes that come with their skin tone. If they are accepted by both white and black, isn’t that the dream Martin Luther fought for?

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