10 Secret Strategies For Saving Big Bucks With Amazon

Millions of Americans are afflicted with Amazon.com shopping fever.  And no cure is needed or desired. It gives you buying access to just about anything you can legally conceive off, and it’s insanely convenient with prices that give brick-and-mortar stores a serious run for their money. However, if you know and incorporate a few tricks, there are even more splendid bargains to be enjoyed.

Here are 10 secret ways die-hard Amazon shoppers can shave even more money off competitive prices.

1. Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates is the website’s affiliate program. Every time you send someone to Amazon, you get paid a percentage of whatever they spend. It’s really geared toward bloggers and small businesses, but any user can get on the fun. You’ll need your own website that does not violate intellectual property rights or promote sexually explicit materials, violence, illegal activities, or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

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Ask a friend — who’s also a regular Amazon shopper — to sign up with you as Amazon affiliates. You can’t earn an affiliate commission on your own purchases, but you can on someone else’s. Then, when you shop on Amazon, use your friend’s affiliate link and when they shop, they use yours. It’s an easy way to make up to 10% cash back on each other’s purchases.

2. Subscribe and Save
Amazon savings apply to more than books and electronics. Want to stock up on essential household items like toilet paper or laundry soap, use the “Subscribe and Save” feature available on many household items. It’s easy and convenient to use: You agree to receive regular, automatic shipments of certain products, and in exchange you get free shipping and a discount. The discount starts at 5% for a single item and climbs to 15% if you subscribe to five eligible items. Since you can cancel at any time, if you’d like, you can sign up for Subscribe and Save, receive one shipment at the reduced price, and then cancel.

3. Amazon Prime
For heavy-duty Amazon buyers, Amazon Prime is the way to go. It costs $99 for an annual membership, but you get free two-day shipping, which is worth more than the membership price and is a true gift that keeps on giving, especially around the holidays. Plus, you can borrow from an extensive Kindle library for free, and stream video for free. There’s also free streaming music and free unlimited cloud picture storage. If you’re reluctant to shell out $99, you’re still in luck: Amazon gives you a free one-month trial before they charge you – a one-month trial that may be perfect for, say, the holidays and other gift-giving occasions.

4. Deal Tracker Sites
Amazon’s deal tracker sites let’s you price watch on your own by clicking “Save for Later” on the items that interest you. You can create a wish list or place items in your cart and wait for the price to drop; a big enticement for you to buy. Websites such as CamelCamelCamel.com and TheTracktor.com can show you historical Amazon price data, as well as send alerts when a price on a certain item reaches a preset amount.

5. Amazon Mom
Moms are big business for retailers. The cost of all those diapers add up quickly, but you can get 20% off a diaper subscription with Amazon Mom.  Amazon also offers a one-time 10% discount – up to 15% for Amazon Prime members – on select items from your baby registry 60 days before your child’s arrival date.

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