11 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone From a Thief

11 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone From a Thief

Smartphone’s have become a critical part of our daily lives. Not only do they serve as a mode for on-the-go communication, but the functionality of these devices allow us to store more and more personal and business data locally. That’s why it’s essential that users protect themselves in the event a smartphone is lost, stolen or gets in the wrong hands. Since a large portion of our data universe resides in our pockets, data security is an important issue. Here are a few ways to protect your tech.


Enable Password Lock: The first step to protect your smartphone is to activate password protection in the devices settings. This allows you to prevent someone from gaining access to your phone without inputting your personal pass code in the event it’s lost or stolen.

Lock SIM Password: Locking the SIM card with a PIN allows your phone’s data to only be activated with the proper password. After multiple tries the data is locked and can only be restored when the correct password is input.

Deactivating Bluetooth: Bluetooth functionality is a great feature, but remember this is another way for a thief to locate a device. For instance, if you have a phone or tablet in your car and Bluetooth is activated a thief can easily identify that the device is in the car. Turning off the Bluetooth when not in use will make for a less tempting target.

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